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Electric Pruning Shears 40MM BraveMonkey Rechargeable Pruning-BM04

Electric Pruning Shears 40MM BraveMonkey Rechargeable Pruning-BM04

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Brand: BraveMonkey
Color: light yellow
Style: Industrial
Blade type: pruning shears
Cutting width: 40mm


[Ultimate 40MM Cutting Diameter & Trigger Interlocking] The latest version of rechargeable pruning shears upgraded in 2023, can cut 40MM branches in a spa spa. The blade opens and closes using a "follow-up" type that is linked to the movement of the trigger, allowing cutting to be interrupted and resumed at any time, allowing for safer and more delicate pruning work. (Note: If you want the trigger interlocking function, you need to switch the mode. With the power off, pull and hold the trigger, turn on the power, wait for about 6 seconds, when you hear a long beep, press the trigger. (Release the button to complete the mode switch.)

[Excellent sharpness] The blades of the BM-04 pruning shears are forged from SK5 high carbon steel, allowing them to cut branches smoothly and with a clean cut surface. The movable blade is further coated with a non-stick coating to keep the blade and plant healthy. Two replacement blades (top blade only) are included.

[Includes 2 2000mAh batteries] Comes with 2 2000mAh large capacity batteries, which can be charged for 2-2.5 hours and can operate for 6-8 hours. The included charger can charge two batteries at the same time. It's very convenient and you don't have to worry about running out of battery. Equipped with an LED display, it is easy to see the remaining battery level and number of prunings at a glance.

[High Power & High Durability] Equipped with a high power brushless permanent magnet motor, it provides super strong power and can instantly cut a 40mm live tree in 0.5 seconds, and can prune 600 fruit trees in a day. Approximately 10 times higher efficiency and longer life can be achieved. Significantly reduces arm pain and fatigue caused by long hours of work.

[Can be connected to an extension pole] By connecting the BMH-02 telescoping extension pole, it can be extended from 1.5M to 2.1M, making high branch cutting work convenient and safe. (Extension pole is sold separately.) Cordless electric pruning shears that can easily prune not only shrubs but also tall branches. It is used for a wide variety of purposes, including pruning plants, garden trees, fruit trees, etc.

[Safe and Easy] Built-in safety switch to prevent accidents caused by incorrect operation. Even with power on, two quick trigger pulls will open the blade. Prolonging the trigger to 3 seconds will change the width of the blade opening, and prolonging it to 5 seconds will cause the blade to close.

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