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lightweight Bravemonkey rechargeable pruning shears-BM01

lightweight Bravemonkey rechargeable pruning shears-BM01

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Brand: Bravemonkey
Color: Blue
Style: Industrial
Blade type: pruning shears
Cutting width: 28mm


[Lightness, speed, and sharpness] Ultra lightweight cordless electric pruning shears weighing only 900g when the battery is installed. Maximum cutting diameter is 28mm, and excellent trigger interlocking allows you to cut branches with ease. The slim, easy-to-handle shape greatly reduces arm pain and fatigue caused by long hours of work. Comes with a finger protection plate to protect your fingers from scratches.

[High Efficiency and High Durability] Bravemonkey electric pruning shears adopt a high-power brushless motor and have a built-in pure copper movement, providing super strong power, high-speed cutting, increasing work efficiency, and extending the service life by 600%! It is widely used for pruning plants, garden trees, fruit trees, etc.

[Work for a long time without worrying about running out of battery] A set of 2 2000mah batteries can be used continuously for 6-8 hours with a full charge of 2-3 hours. The LCD screen displays the remaining battery power and the number of pruning cycles, so you can check at a glance when it's time to replace it after continuous use.

[Safe and Easy] Built-in safety switch to prevent accidents caused by incorrect operation. Even with power on, two quick trigger pulls will open the blade. If there is no operation for 10 minutes, the power will turn off automatically. Prolonging the trigger to 3 seconds will change the width of the blade opening, and prolonging it to 5 seconds will cause the blade to close.

[SK5 blade & blade opening width adjustable] This branch cutting shears uses a blade forged from SK5 high carbon steel, which has high hardness and excellent wear resistance. The blade surface was treated with Teflon non-stick coating, which ensures that the pruned branches are clean and flat, does not damage the branches, and is easy to clean after pruning work. There are two blade opening widths to choose from: fully open 28 mm and half open 20 mm, so you can change it according to the thickness of the branch.

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